Distinguished Industry Representatives,

The pandemic has caused significant changes in all facets of life, including the delivery of healthcare. New applications and technologies infiltrated our daily lives. The adage “But in this world, a spell of health is the best state” captures this unchanging fact, and as responsible health managers, we say “Health above everything else.” By keeping in mind that health should always come first when talking about new procedures, trends, and problems, I would like to share with you the pleasure of our meeting in Ankara at the 11th Health Summit.

As Private Hospitals Platform, we held the 9th and 10th of Health Summits in the midst of the pandemic, as you know. We plan to hold the 11th Health Summit in Ankara on October 20-21, 2022, with participation from the whole health care community in a physical setting. 

At the 11th Health Summit, we would like to discuss the themes of “Planning in Healthcare” and “Value-Based Payment”.  In addition to discussing these topics, we also want to evaluate important issues such as health financing problems, alternative finance models, supply chain management and telehealth with you. 

We hope to see all business representatives who provide products and services to the sector, together with managers of both private and public health, during the 11th Health Summit, which will be hosted in Ankara. We wish you healthy days.


On behalf of the Organizing Committee,

Dr. Mehmet Altuğ

President of Private Hospitals Platform