Distinguished employer or employee in the private healthcare industries;

Private sector investments have accelerated as a result of the health policies implemented in recent years. Due to the newly implemented policies, the private health sector has undergone significant changes, and its contribution to the delivery of healthcare services has grown.

The importance of delivering the necessary healthcare across the country in cooperation with the private healthcare sector has grown, and encouraging policies have started to be implemented in this direction.

The expansion of the private health sector and its growing role in service delivery have highlighted the fact that more decisive health, social security, and financial policies are needed to address the industry’s needs.

Due to these developments, the fragmented and ineffective private health industry has come together under one roof and begun to take institutional steps toward establishing a single power.

In this framework, the association’s activities began as a pressure group to protect and promote the rights and interests of private health institutions and organizations.

In this perspective, the Private Hospitals Platform Association was founded in 2003.

With the interest shown in a short period of time, our organization has made significant progress. 

In order to ensure that all of its members have the advantages of being in the capital city of Ankara, where all public institutions are situated, our association has been a follower of their rights and interests.

Our organization has attempted to share the advantages of living in Ankara, the capital city, with all of its members while also defending their rights and interests.

In order for the developments and steps taken to be permanent and more successful, we encourage works in this area since we consider that the entire industry should be gathered under one roof.

However, we know that in order to do so, all health institutions and organizations must first be housed under the umbrella of a non-governmental organization.